Princess Catherine and Covercoco.

Wilhelmine Charlotte Catherine, UK’s Prince Edward’s most beloved princess, born to a noble family, has a slender figure and blond hair. She impresses the European royal courts and high society with her beautiful appearance, fashion dress and unique elegance, and becomes an idol among noble women. Princess Catherine, as a makeup trend creator, has her own unique pursuit and understanding of beauty & art and is infatuated with cosmetic products. She has her own skin care secrets. She has established a laboratory for her beautician George Sean.

To fully enjoy their romantic love, Prince Edward specially built a love castle for Princess Catherine. She loves purple and is often intoxicated with her purple garden. One day, a French envoy presented her a high-end skin care package which could nourish and beauty skin with a delightful fragrance. When she opened it, she was deeply fascinated. She asked George Sean to develop a beauty product named Covercoco, incorporating her unique fashion, elegance, confidence and dignity into the product. She presented it to her good friends and noble women. Thus Covercoco has been popular in the European royal courts and high

Covercoco, a UK’s fashion brand, reflects British style, elegance & modernity and represents grace and dignity from London. It is a meticulously formulated beauty product, a beautiful legend about fashion & elegance as well as a romantic feeling! Covercoco pampers & hydrates skin with a long-lasting fragrance for 24 hours and maintains elegance!

Covercoco, Romantic

Feelings, Magical Legend,

Timeless Beauty!