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Wetting Is Required If Body Lotion Is Applied

Wetting Is Required If Body Lotion Is Applied

We all know that applying body lotion and slimming massage after bath can maximize its action, but this step must be completed in 3 minutes after bath. The reason is that the moisture on the body surface after bath does not evaporate completely and the oil in the moisturizing products can retain moisture on the skin surface to better hydrate.

If your body lotion is liquid, you can apply it to your skin by gentle push and use a series of sliding and pacifying motions to allow the active ingredients to infiltrate into skin.

Use your palms instead of fingers to massage and relax your hands to make your force strong or gentle.

Regardless of moisturizing or firming product, apply it against the direction of gravity, for example, from wrists to armpits, from ankles to roots of thighs.

Armpits, skin behind ears and groins are the areas where lymph concentrates. Extending massage to these areas can provide detoxification.