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How to Choose Suitable Body Lotion

How to Choose Suitable Body Lotion

Your skin gets dry in autumn and winter due to sudden decrease in temperature. The reason is that you fail to moisturize your body skin in time. Do not ignore your body skin. Choose a type of body lotion suitable for you!

Moisturizing: For rough skin in autumn and winter, it is dry and tight in case of moisture deficiency and gets peeling & even rougher if severe, thus you need the moisturizing body lotion.

Whitening: The whitening body lotion aims at the dark and dull skin. Sometimes you cannot get white skin after a winter. You need to exfoliate and apply the whitening body lotion to fix it.

Firming: You have to admit that your skin gets flaccid with the age. All-round body skin care is required while taking care of your face so as to fix cellulite, fatty streaks and flaccid skin