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Private Custom-made Beauty, Hand Cream for Cold Winter

Though hands are known as a woman’s second face, hand care is often ignored. 

As the frequency of hand washing decreases in winter, dry hands betray that you pay no attention to details. 

How can you fail to apply hand cream? Hand cream can warm your hands in cold winter.

If skin is likened to a reservoir, there are two causes for dry skin. One is moisture deficiency of the “reservoir”, 

namely natural evaporation of skin moisture. The other one is water leakage of the “dam”. 

Loss of skin’s moisturizing factors and lipids leads to moisture loss. 

In case of cold wind and sudden decrease in temperature, dry climate exacerbates moisture deficiency of the “reservoir” and water leakage of the “dam”. 

Hydration and protection are required for hands. The simplest and most effective way is to apply hand cream!